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CYG Insulator Co,. Ltd.(CYG Insulator)

CYG Insulator Co,. Ltd.(CYG Insulator), the leading composite insulator manufacturer in china, a controlled subsidiary of CYG Group(SH: 600525), established in 1994 ,is an national hi-tech enterprise specially engaged in the research &design, manufacture and sales of composite insulators for transmission line(TL),substation(SS), distribution line(DL), electrical railway(Rail) and composite insulation components(CIC).

CYG Insulator, holding over 45 pieces of patents, has pioneered the segmented injection molding technology and the 100% automated production factory for HTV silicone rubber with his own formula patent.  

 CYG Insulator has dozens of senior professional and technical personnel covering HV/MV electrical specialist, polymer chemistry and materials specialist, machinery and structure specialist, which is the biggest number of the technical research team in this field in china.

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Guangzhou railway supervision and Administration Bureau

On the morning of September 4, Sui Ruizheng, director of Guangzhou railway supervision and Administration Bureau, Hu Xionghu, director of General Office of Guangzhou railway supervision and Administration Bureau, and other five people visited Changyuan high energy electric Co., Ltd. for investigation. The company's general manager Fang bin, deputy chief engineer Zhao Tianren, Huang Xiaoxia, Xu Wenrong and other leaders accompanied and reported the whole process.


Fang general welcomed the investigation of director Sui and accompanied the research personnel of Guangzhou railway to inspect the production and test site of our company. On the spot, Fang general reported to the leaders of the supervision and administration on the current production and quality control of products. After the site investigation, director Sui fully affirmed the company's efforts to ensure safe and civilized production and product quality. He expressed his gratitude for the contribution made by our company to the national railway construction in the past 20 years, and stressed that: Guangzhou railway supervision and Administration Bureau will truly perform the functions of "safety supervision" and "service", while ensuring the product safety, It also serves the local economic development, especially for the development of enterprises.


Through this on-site investigation, the supervision department of Guangzhou railway has a clearer understanding of the product quality and brand competitiveness of Changyuan high energy. As one of the earliest composite insulator manufacturers in China, in the future development, Changyuan high energy will continue to adhere to the quality policy of "technological innovation, casting fine products, quality-oriented, customer first" to provide better products and services for the construction of State Grid and electrified railway.

Changyuan energy went to Shanghai to participate in EP exhibition successfully concluded

From November 6 to 8, 2019, the 12th Shanghai international power equipment and Technology Exhibition (EP China 2019) will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Changyuan high energy is honored to be invited to participate in the exhibition with other brother companies of Changyuan group. By displaying the company's products and face-to-face communication and consultation between on-site business personnel and visitors, Changyuan high energy shows its strong strength as a leading domestic and world-class composite insulator manufacturer. At the same time, with the theme of "ubiquitous power Internet of things", the exhibition attracted many well-known enterprises from home and abroad, such as state grid of China, Siemens, CESI, etc.



New products come together

As one of the VIP booths, the products on display in this exhibition mainly include composite insulators for 500kV / 1100kV power transmission, composite insulators for electrified railway, composite insulating sleeves and insulation supporting components, etc. In this exhibition, we aim to show our stable and high-quality products brought by our continuous accumulation in technology, our humble character and the characteristics of always putting customers first, and show our leading position in domestic composite insulator manufacturing enterprises. Technology accumulation is the quintessence of enterprise production and development. Changyuan high energy people make their own products safe, stable and reliable. Among them, 72.5kV composite insulating sleeve is a new product launched by Huaxin high energy, which also represents that the company does not focus on the current situation, dares to accumulate and develop, and is committed to bringing high-quality and good price power insulation products to customers in various countries.

Treat each other sincerely

The exhibition attracted a lot of domestic and foreign power industry professionals, scholars, agents and user terminals to the exhibition stand. The sincere attitude and detailed introduction were unanimously affirmed by the guests. At the scene, our business personnel answered all the questions raised by customers about our composite insulators one by one. I believe our sincerity will move everyone's heart. We make friends with each other, and our customers put down their strangeness. In the communication with experts and customers, our firmness makes our customers have more confidence in our products. At the same time, we also harvest some enterprises who are interested in cooperation, and leave their contact information, which lays a good foundation for market development in the new year.

Passion blooms, "feather" you share

On September 7, 2019, the badm***n group competition of Changyuan high energy electric Co., Ltd. was held at Xishu Jiashi shengbadm***n stadium. This time, more than 40 members of the three teams participated in the game.

This group competition includes seven single events: Men's doubles 2 groups, women's doubles 1 group, men's singles 2 groups, women's singles 1 group and mixed doubles 1 group. In each competition, senior executives must participate in each competition, and directly compete for the champion through the cycling competition.

During the competition, the female colleagues who usually seem weak are clenched in their teeth in women's events, and take out the 18 martial arts, all of which are women who do not let the women look like a man; As a fierce men's event, it is a beautiful scenery in the competition: the alternating attacks from one to two mix with the screams of cheering and cheering the field to push the event to the climax of waves after wave. After several games, some players who have relatively few sports have been overdrawn physically, but under the support of strong will, they return to the court again and again, continue to bite their teeth to keep playing. The audience on the sidelines was affected by the atmosphere on the scene, and the cheers were rising and falling. After three rounds of competition, the second team, composed of production, logistics, procurement and PMC, won the title.


The journey of life is inseparable from partners and cooperation. This competition turns our cooperation from work to competition. The three teams have given full play to the spirit of unity and cooperation. Compared with the results of the game, we have gained more important things: the company is not only a place to work, but also a big family; Colleagues are not only partners in work, but also friends in life.


Through the badm***n team match, the spare time life of the staff is enriched, the team consciousness is improved, the cohesion is enhanced, and new vitality is injected *** the better communication and cooperation in the future work.

"Epidemic" without turning back, donating materials to help students

In April 9, 2020, a car full of New Coronavirus control materials such as medical disinfectant and alcohol, slowly with a long garden high energy love and blessing, entered the fourth primary school in Dongguan town hall.

Starting in December last year, New Coronavirus broke out in many places throughout the country. The infectivity was unanticipated, and the normal order in many fields was interrupted, which seriously affected the normal production and life of the society. COVID-19's prevention and control became the focus of the work of the whole country and even the whole world. With the concerted efforts of the whole nation, by the end of March, the domestic New Coronavirus was basically controlled and the social life was gradually restored.


In early April, the Education Department of Guangdong Province issued a guidance document on the orderly restoration of offline teaching in schools at all levels. As the main body responsible for the prevention and control of students' COVID-19, the preparation of epidemic prevention materials has become a difficult problem for many schools to resume. The fourth primary school in Dongguan town hall is one of the many schools that have encountered difficulties. After getting the information about the difficulties of the school, the leaders of the company decided to allocate part of the epidemic prevention materials from the company's reserve on the spot in combination with the current prevention and control situation, so as to alleviate the urgent situation of the fourth primary school in Zhongtang Town, and entrusted Ms. Zhang Fan, assistant to the general manager, with full power. After the early communication and contact, on April 9, general manager Zhang delivered the materials to the school on behalf of the company, and personally handed them to the school leaders. On behalf of the children, the school authorities expressed their gratitude to Changyuan Gaoneng and highly appreciated Changyuan Gaoneng's generous behavior.

The more dangerous the moment, the more responsibility, the more difficulties, the more love. Since the establishment of the company, Changyuan high energy has successively donated funds and materials for the Wenchuan earthquake and the 2008 ice disaster, participated in volunteer activities such as helping the elderly and helping students for many times, fulfilled its social responsibility, demonstrated its enterprise feelings, and will firmly go along this road.

Changyuan high energy obtained the quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system certification again

On May 25, the company received the quality, environment, occupational health and safety management certificate issued by Fangyuan logo certification group, which is also the 21 consecutive years of Changyuan high energy obtained the certification. This certification is the first certification after the establishment of the new international standard for occupational health and safety management system. The company has made corresponding supplement, improvement and improvement in documents, systems and management according to the requirements of the latest standard.

A week ago, the audit team of Fangyuan certification company had a two-day re certification audit on the three management systems of our company. During the audit period, the audit experts reviewed the control and operation management of the company's quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system by means of on-site inspection, on-site questioning, consulting documents, sampling investigation and positive evidence collection.

After two days of on-site audit by experts, the expert group still pays attention to the system construction of the company under the situation of macroeconomic instability, increases the input of human and material resources, and always adheres to the established quality, environment, occupational health and safety management policies and guidelines, reflecting the company's commitment to the society and care for employees, The company has made great progress in the construction of the three major systems, especially in the improvement and perfection of the environment and occupational health and safety. The company believes that the operation of Changyuan high energy quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system is effective, and it is recommended to pass the system certification.

Mr. Wang Muxi, chairman of the board of directors of the company, Zhao Tianren, deputy chief engineer of the management representative, and Huang Xiaoxia, head of the quality management center, participated in the audit of the three management systems in the whole process. They expressed their gratitude for the hard work of the audit team and said that they would continue to improve the three management systems of the company in the next step, so as to make the management level of the company reach a new level.

This certification is not the end of Changyuan high energy management system. In the pursuit of management efficiency, we will start from the end and keep improving.


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